Wednesday, January 26, 2011

iReset v1.1 – Files & Folders Reset Tool

What does this tool do?

Some malware do change your files’ attributes to system/hidden but when you want to change them back to normal you wont be able to do that because the options are grayed.

iReset resets your system/hidden files/folders so you can view/access them normally.

How to use it?

Simply drag & drop your files/folders into the cross sign and then click RESET.

Important note:

Since this tool is a security software that deals with the file system, the system registry and the running processes, it MUST be given all the rights it demands in order for it to do it’s job. Some other security softwares will try to block the tool and prevent it from doing its job, please make sure that it’s not blocked by your filewall and there’s no other program blocking it.

Before running this tool, we recommend you to disable any other security solution you are runing such as Antivirus, Firewall, monitoring tools ..etc.


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