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[PC GAME] War Craft III Dota iccup Patch 1.24

War Craft III Dota iccup Patch 1.24

War Craft III Dota iccup Patch 1.24
17.04.2011 | English | PC Game |Developer/Publisher:: Blizzard Entertainment | 1.23 Gb
Genre: Add-on / Strategy (Real-time) / 3D

DotA - command tactical game with elements of computer role-playing games, characters, artifacts, a lot of mixtures of both. Played by millions of people around the world! Join us!

Title DotA:
DotA - a shortening of «Defence of the Ancients», which translates as "Protection of the ancients". Indeed, everything in DotA is reduced to the defense of the main building: the Frozen Throne a Scourge or the Holy Wood from Sentinel.

Notably DotA:
First of all, we should note the unique gameplay, which contains elements of all the RPG, a strategic component of WarCraft-a conventional and tactical framework that can compare to the confrontation in the Counter-Strike. In DotA much decided at the stage of selecting heroes, as well as counter-hero selection contender. To win you need a clear and concerted action of the entire team of players who are also tied to the personal skills of each. Thus, we must choose a strategy game through the proper selection of heroes, to develop and implement appropriate tactics, and thus each must show the wonders of micro-control.

The complexity of the game in DotA:
Play DotA and easily, and at the same time, it's hard - that's the charm. If you start to play in DotA today, you will be able to enjoy the game right now, learning and discovering the world of this great card but after a year or even two to reduce the interest you will not. In DotA you can always sell your gaming talents - business only in the level of your game, which will eventually grow.
To play DotA on a more or less high, to at least know absolutely all the heroes of cards (about a hundred different units) and, of course, have an idea of ??what skills each of them there. But, as you already know, the choice of the hero - that's not all: it is very important, what artifacts will be collected for him - after all, they can make serious changes to the game, so you should know all the possible variations. All this only fuels interest in DotA for several years now. C in such a wide choice of characters, and artifacts of the game turns out just a fascinating card in a permanent hobby.

Before the game begins:
Of course, interest in DotA and installed on your computer game WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne version (1.24e). If for some reason you did not have it, you can always download the already adapted to the game client is in Russian with a friendly FTP-server:

Connecting to iCCup DotA-server:
Once you start the game with DotA Anti-Hack Launcher, click on Should begin the connection to the server, downloading data, and finally, a menu entry, where you specify your chosen username and password that you registered on our website.

Now you need to acquire a major weapon in the fight against DotA-hackers - Anti-Hack launcher - a program with which you start the game. After starting the program you must choose a bookmark WarCraft III and press the button «Play WarCraft III». A nice bonus of launcher is that you'll get more points for the victory.

For a game sure to download the game client and then download and install the Anti-Hack Launcher

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